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Stevietaken 3 days ago


I made the switch to vegan a few months ago for several reasons, the details of which are not interesting. Point is, although I am very happy with my decission, it is often challenging to find vegan options that knock your socks off. I feel some places offer a vegan option out of a sense of obligation and it tastes like it, sadly I've become used to it. Today I went to Simple Simon's, I ordered the vegan sandwich (first time going there and not ordering the Cold Focaccia). It was amazing. Firstly, you cannot beat the in house made olive bread. Best. Bread. In. The. I. E.. And all of the ingredients were crafted together to perfection. Cooked mushrooms, red onions, pecans, avocado, arugula, DELICIOUS. Thank you Simple Simon's for making a vegan option I will dream about, crave and order over and over and over again.

Azza.Akkad 4 days ago

Roast Lamb

My Favorite Sandwich

Asahagun70 17 days ago

Curried Turkey Salad

Wonder sandwich Great service

Hiccup102 23 days ago


The winter omelet is amazing! I love the sweet onions and apples combined with the cheese and nuts, makes for a perfect combination of flavors. I have fallen in love with this dish.

Ma8rk1 23 days ago

French Toast

I have eaten here for years, best spot in Riverside. Now my kids always want to go here as well. Great staff, great food and an awesome feel to the place. French toast with Chicken Apple Ssusage is my favorite

Ikorde7 24 days ago


A great vegetarian sandwich! The veggies are fresh and the cheese, spread and bread go perfectly. I'm not vegetarian but definitely one of my favorite sandwiches.

Allynicolerussell 26 days ago


Absolutely amazing! You can't beat the bread, and the arugula with avocado and bacon together is just to-die-for. Best sandwich in town.

Mel about 1 month ago


I've been eating and craving this vegetarian sandwich since I first tried it in the 1970s--yes, that long ago. Simon's has been around awhile. Whenever I've ordered anything else (except Susie's Salad, another favorite) I've always regretted it because I love this sandwich so much! I get it on sourdough--THE BEST-- because it has a nice bite and chew to the crust.This sandwich is really thick and full of tasty veggies, three kinds of cheese and a great dill sauce. Keep a couple of napkins handy! I always order a whole and take the other half home for a snack later. For a side I love their potato salad, and I'm very fussy about potato salad--mildly mustardy and the potatoes are cooked just right. Of course the pasta salad is nice too, with tiny pieces of crunchy veggies and a mild vinaigrette. Try this sandwich--it used to be 'off menu' and you had to know about it to order it. So good!

Falkonns Flight about 1 month ago

Breakfast Sandwich

I loooove the breakfast sandwiches here! The bacon is always crispy, they always let me customize it and I get it with fruit which is always ripe. I get a different bread every time or switch it up with a croissant— everything is always fresh and delicious. If it's not this I'm getting, it's the mushroom omelette or pretty much anything with the chicken apple sausage...

Helma1216 about 2 months ago

French Toast

Delicious French toast. Love all the things I've tried from this place. The cakes and cookies are so good too.

Bernalsr58 2 months ago

Grilled Pastrami and Swiss

Scrumptious! Full of flavor. Pastrami had Perfect balance of tenderness and crispness. Served on sour dough grilled just how I like, with warm gooey Swiss, fresh tomato and lettuce. I opted for the potato salad which tasted just like mom's.

Samantha 4 months ago


This is my favorite sandwich, such a great combination. Not much of a sandwich persons but I would eat this sandwich any day of the week. And always great customer service.

Brianrubin 4 months ago

Croissant Club

Oh so good wanted another

Thine002 4 months ago

Croissant Club

This was one of the best sandwiches I have ever had! The croissant was fresh, flakey, and buttery. All of the ingredients were fresh and it was really filling! The staff here is always so nice and helpful, you'll always leave happy! And to top it all off, the seating in the front is beautiful and will make your day, guaranteed!

Mzahe002 4 months ago


Love how the ingredients here are always top notch. The staff is extremely helpful and provide great service despite the busy environment they work in. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Simple Simon's to all my friends and family.

Guest 4 months ago

Homemade Granola

It is amazing. Fresh and wholesome. Their milk is delicious as well. I have it with fresh OJ.

Brittany 3 days ago

Grilled Marinated Chicken Breast

My all time favorite sandwich!

Thalastwunleft 16 days ago

Deluxe Vegetarian Black Bean Chili

This chilli is soooo good. I've tried to recreate this and i always fail. I'm sure they use magic and fairy's dust to make this seemingly ordinary chili taste heavenly! The velvety texture of the beans combined with the coolness of the avocados, the spice of the onion and the mouthwatering crunch of their famous croutons gets me every time!! Do yourself a favor and try the chili. You can thank me later.

Jessolmos03 18 days ago

Tuna Melt w/ Swiss

The bread was warm and fluffy. Tuna melts with Swiss cheese is the best lunch dish, especially with a side of your choice or veggies or fruit ! Thank you simple simons <3

Hiccup102 23 days ago


Sooooo good. I'm not a vegetarian but I get this all the time. It is a perfect sandwich with all the crunchy veggies. Sometimes I add a scoop of tuna for added protein.

Hiccup102 23 days ago

Deluxe Vegetarian Black Bean Chili

I love the black bean chili, all the toppings make a perfect meal with a side of cornbread. Definitely one of my go to favorites.

Chanelle.Canfield 24 days ago


This is my favorite sandwich ever! The sauteed mushrooms are so flavorful. Such a hardly lunch that doesn't weigh you down! Try it on sourdough.

Rainwolf87 about 1 month ago

Grilled Pastrami and Swiss

Simple Simon's is a family favorite. From the sandwiches, salads, bread, and pastries... absolutely everything is good. Favorites include pastrami sandwiches, tuna plate, their potato salad, Christmas cookies, rye, sourdough, winter chicken apple sausage...

Karlamzqt13 about 1 month ago

Croissant Club

The absolute best croissant sandwhich I have ever tried! I could eat them every day if I could. Croissant club with ham and a side of potato salad and I am in heaven.

Mzahe002 about 2 months ago

Breakfast Sandwich

Always a wonderful way to kick off the day. You can't go wrong with their bacon or sausage and the croissants are always fresh. Delicious

Rachelmary.Hom 2 months ago

Two Eggs - Any Style with Simple Simon's Homemade Chicken Apple Sausage

If you're looking for a charming place to eat breakfast with the BEST chicken apple sausage- you've found the place.

Frances.Fernandes 4 months ago

Roast Lamb

This may be the only place in the area that serves lamb and this is the best I have ever had. Fresh, tasty, succulent, words fail. Don't be discouraged if you aren't a lamb fan, I have tried most things on the menu and each item is unfailingly superb. The fillings are fresh and of the best quality; the breads -- freshly made on the premises -- are among the best I have every had. If you''re looking for a wonderful meal with healthy and tasty ingredients, there is no better place in the Inland area.

Brianrubin 4 months ago

Gina's Vegetarian

Had this the very first time I ate here. I could stop thinking how much I loved it. So, I ordered it the next time I had lunch there. However, I forgot to say "no cucumber". I HATE uncooked pickles !!!😡, especially in a sandwich. So, I took it out, and ate the sandwich with a 😊

Brianrubin 4 months ago



Ivy.Chau88 4 months ago

Winter Chicken Apple Sausage

I absolutely loved the winter chicken apple sausage! It was freshly made with delicious caramelized onion, crumbled Gorgonzola cheese, the chicken sausage was juicy and so flavourful! The bistro itself is charming, and very warm with extra seating in the courtyard across from the infamous Mission Hill Hotel & Spa. The staff were attentive and worked with smiles on their faces during a busy lunch hour! Just loved my experience!!

Wminisee 4 months ago

Deluxe Vegetarian Black Bean Chili

My favorite chili in the world. I used to go to the Performing Arts Highschool in DT riv, but even after graduation I find myself in DT riv almost just as often just for Thisbe soup or the Gina's Vegetarian Sandwich!

Guest 11 months ago

Homemade Granola

This looks amazing. I can't wait to try this!


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