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Christinaauriarte 29 days ago

Tuna Melt w/ Swiss

Tuna melt! It was fabulous! Plus the potato salad on the side is the best I have ever had ever ever! Staff is always awesome and friendly! Thank you for making such yummy healthy options!!!!!

Vickieanitrice about 1 month ago

Gina's Vegetarian

I have to say this is the best sandwhich I have ever had since I went vegetarian. The pesto is perfect. You don't even miss the meat because the veggies make up for it. It might be $12.50, but it is worth every dollar. Thank you Simple Simon's for making a sandwhich that reminds me of home.

Sodarling2018 about 1 month ago

Breakfast Sandwich

The breakfast sandwich with bacon eggs, cheese and tomatoes is the absolute best. Well, anything with these croissants is the best, so buttery and flaky on the outside, soft and airy on the inside. The best croissants around.

Ido69 about 1 month ago


5 Star Sandwich! The BLAATT is literally the only sandwich I eat when I go there and I've been going since 2004! and I've been living in Long Beach since 2010 and come to Riverside just to eat the BLAATT! It's fabulously simple yet surprisingly delicious!

Koryn about 1 month ago

The Wedge

Amazing sandwich.

Yunapark2001 about 2 months ago

Croissant Club

It was wonderfully baked and everything tasted really fresh. Also enjoyed the sides that came with it and the environment overall.

Kikily545 about 2 months ago


This is my absolutely favorite sandwich! There is nothing like it, I promise you. So fresh, so delicious.

Hokulanikoerte 2 months ago

Chicken Tarragon Salad

Every single thing I've tried from here has been spot on. We love getting their potato salad. You can taste the quality of their ingredients and the love that goes into their food.

Lauren 2 months ago

Tuna, Chicken Tarragon, or Curried Turkey Plate with Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

The Chicken Tarragon salad is good... great flavor! My go to order is the chicken tarragon salad plate with double veggies and no fruit. Simple Simon's veggies with dill dip is seriously delicious. I could eat that dip with a spoon. And they give you good veggies...carrots, cucumbers, red bell pepper and cauliflower. It's a good option if you're trying to not eat too many carbs. Even though their bread and goodies are hard to resist.

Hunter 2 months ago

Grilled Marinated Chicken Breast

Best sandwich, hands down!! I'm always suggesting Simple Simon's for our office lunches simply so I could order two; one for lunch and one for dinner. A must try if you order from Simple Simon's!

Mattkim7135 3 months ago

Grilled Pastrami and Swiss

I came here with my friends recently looking for something new to try in Riverside. We looked up Simple Simon's and found a hidden gem in the heart of Downtown Riverside! I ordered the Grilled Pastrami and Swiss sandwich with fruit and loved every bite! Sourdough is already my favorite type of bread, but having fresh and toasted sourdough on top of grilled pastrami was an experience to say the least. 9/10 would eat again!

Guest 3 months ago



Gabbygeorgie 3 months ago

Vegetarian Black Bean Chili

This black bean chili is amazing! The consistency, the right amount of spice and the dollop of sour cream is superb! It's definitely a must have all year round.

Ikorde7 3 months ago

Gina's Vegetarian

Favorite vegetarian sandwich! The veggies are fresh and the bread, cheese and sides are high quality. Simple Simons has never disappointed- favorite eatery in Riverside for sure.

Jrdworak 3 months ago

Curried Turkey Salad

Best sandwich shop around.

Chefmonica 4 months ago

Cold Focaccia

Love it. Everything is so fresh and the bread is the best part. Would go everyday if i could afford it.

Jkoenig83 4 months ago

Croissant Club

The best sandwich in riverside! Obsessed with this croissant club. Always fresh

Elisedagostin 4 months ago


The BEST VEGAN SANDWICH IN THE I.E.!! And believe me, I've tried a lot. This one is so delicious and so super fresh, it's my go to!!!!

Eggsandcheese 5 months ago

Roast Lamb

I have been coming to Simple Simon almost weekly for around the last twenty years and I have never, not one single time ever not had a perfectly executed meal - top shelf. I have tried every one of their menu items, many times but my favorites are the Roasted Lamb (I also like it on their Kalamata Olive Loaf) and their BLAAT, which I also like on Croissant. Their desserts obviously have premium ingredients and you can taste the real butter, high-end chocolate, and other great flavorings. Their peanut butter cookies are silky and nutty, the Chocolate Nut Bombs are addictive, Christmas Cookies are warmly satisfying and their cakes make any occasion a real event.

Guest 5 months ago

Grilled Pastrami and Swiss

Simply wonderful. I love this sandwich with lots of Dijon

Charryfury 29 days ago

Croissant Club

This was amazing!!! It was my first time so I don't know what to expect on a Saturday afternoon but the Portion size is well worth the money and the staff is friendly and helpful.

Ivyamandacorta about 1 month ago

Cold Focaccia

This is my FAVORITE sandwich hands down. The ingredients are always fresh and delicious. Best of all, no matter who makes it, the taste and flavor are consistent so there is never a disappointment when ordering.

Omegatodelta about 1 month ago

Breakfast Sandwich

I would give a 5/5 stars. The sandwich was very simple yet super delicious! The meal was the perfect size so I didn't feel sleepy from eating too much.

Jimliv about 1 month ago

Mediterranean Melt

Fresh and delicious! The Mediterranean Melt was loaded with veggies and topped with melty cheese accompanied by more crunchy veggies and yummy dip. I loved it !

Iradreamer about 2 months ago

Fresh Spinach & Bacon

If you want to experience one of the many examples of what makes Riverside a special town visit Simple Simon's. The excellent food and beauty of downtown Riverside make for a wonderfully tasteful experience.

Jlstock91 about 2 months ago

Croissant Club

This sandwich is the best sandwich I have ever had in my life...literally. I cannot believe how amazing it was! So fresh and the croissants were so fresh and flaky! I will definitely be back, maybe today :)

Kassammi 2 months ago

Cold Focaccia

This sandwich is delicious. I've been here several times and it never disappoints. All the sides are great. The veggies come with a wonderful dip too! Highly recommend this place.

Sparkle13345 2 months ago

Tuna Melt w/ Swiss

This is one of the best, if not the best tuna melts I've ever had! The tuna is great quality, tastes amazing, and never disappoints. It's melted to perfection! I always get it with the side veggies and dip. You can't get this amazing, fresh side anywhere else. It's always a must on every visit! And we can't forget about the delicious Christmas cookie!!!! Thank you for always being consistent Simple Simon's! <3

Laurenlee 2 months ago


The BLAATT is my most favorite sandwich at Simple Simons! You have to get in on their delicious, homemade sourdough bread. Yummy!

Mrose048 3 months ago

Homemade Granola

Food and service are always incredible! Such a cool local spot for breakfast or lunch.

Laura 3 months ago

Tuna Melt w/ Swiss

We drive from Orange County just for this sandwich! I prefer it with cheddar (not a Swiss fan...). I won't eat tuna salad anywhere else but here. The pasta salad is the best.

Guest 3 months ago

Gina's Vegetarian

Best Sandwich!!!

Vanessa18cvargas 3 months ago


The BLAATT never disappoints. I've been eating at simple Simon's Since I was a child and Every year on my birthday I go back and eat a BLAATT with their famous potato salad and pasta salad. It is a must have on sourdough bread.

Shannon5173 3 months ago


This is the best gazpacho I have ever had. It is great al carte, as a side, with or without avocado. When my sister visits from Washington State, Simple Simon's is our first stop in Riverside and we both enjoy this soup. If you have never tried it, give it a shot. So yummy!

Danar388 4 months ago

Fresh Squeezed Juice, orange or grapefruit

Breakfast bacon, eggs, potatoes and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, and hot coffee loved it all with raspberry jam for my toast completely filling and all hot great portions then Christmas cookies to go for dessert. I love this place can't get enough and my family from Washington always requests a meal here when they visit!!!

Faithfulj63 4 months ago

Hot Focaccia

I come to town once a month and this is my favorite dish to eat every single time. It's delicious it's tasty , savory. I do recommend this dish at least to try once. Enjoy!!

Jessicarocha42 4 months ago


I absolutely love the tuna melts from here perfect with the sourdough although doesn't taste bad on olive bread. Pasta salad is also good.

Noelle 4 months ago

Chicken Apple Sausage

This delicious homemade sausage makes breakfast at Simple Simon's a unique treat. Alongside fresh bread, perfect eggs and potatoes or any omelette- you'll love this sausage! If you miss breakfast- you can't go wrong with the sandwiches and this place!

Guest 5 months ago

Italian Grinder

Another awesome sandwich.

Sanchez 5 months ago

Grilled Pastrami and Swiss

I bit into the grilled pastrami and swiss like there was no tomorrow, devouring all of its fatty pepperiness in one mouthful, and I felt the rush of spice pass from the sandwich into my mouth, the seasonings coating my mouth and hanging around in there, the thready, elastic strands of fat overtaking my taste buds. It was weird and primal and breathtakingly good, and I can't wait to eat it again. -Andrew


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