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Vegetarian and Vegan Sandwiches - Online Order Menu

Vegetarian Sandwich


Swiss, cheddar, and provolone cheeses, avocado, cucumber, carrots, red pepper, red onion, lettuce, tomato, and dill spread. Your choice of bread and side salad.

Choose your Sandwich Bread:Sourdough Whole Wheat Rye Focaccia (Only for Whole Sandwich) +$1Croissant (Only for Whole Sandwich) +$3
Choose Sandwich Side:Potato salad Pasta salad Raw Veggies And Dip
Add Soup or Chili (side of bread not included):Tomato Soup (+Parmesan and fresh Basil) +$4Vegetarian Black Bean Chili (+sour cream and Cilantro) +$4
Specialty Sandwich Extras (optional):Provolone cheese (2 slices) +$1.50Swiss cheese (2 slices +$1.50Cheddar cheese (2 slices) +$1.50Avocado +$1.50Pesto (contains walnuts) +$1.50Bacon (1 slice) +$1.50Bacon (2 slices) +$3Cucumber +$1Carrots +$1Arugula +$1Red peppers +$1

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